Individual or small classes in our cozy studio Planet Art

Chair Caning Classes & Workshops

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During March & April 2015, classes are scheduled according to your availability.  A set schedule for our new Chair Caning School will be out in May.  Please call with any questions at 828-707-4553 or email

Caning is an umbrella term which includes 5 types of weaving. Within each type of caning, there are at least two different classes.
You can take the following types of caning classes.  Keep reading for general information or click on the classes below for specifics.
**Chair caning can be very hard on your body. If you have a bad back, shoulders, or hands, please let us repair your chair for you.  We strongly suggest you wait until any injuries have healed before taking a chair caning class!  All classes include stretching techniques by a licensed massage therapist/yoga instructor.

***Classes involve the use of potentially dangerous tools like box cutters, awls, hammers, tacks, and scissors.  Full attention is required so that you do not injure yourself!

A Natural Rush Seat


The following is important information for ALL CLASSES!

The studio is called Planet Art. We do chair caning and picture framing.  It is in Suite 106 of Studio 375, just down the hall…look for the chairs.

We are located in Curve Studios & Garden, 9 Riverside Dr Asheville NC 28801 in the River Arts District. There are several delicious eateries close by….and LOTS of cool folks doing cool things.  We will be happy to construct a proper tour!

Parking is available on site and also just down from the studio in the overflow parking lot behind #12.

Wear comfortable clothing and shoes!

Individual Tutorials are offered for ALL types of caning and weaving at $40/hour.  This is your best option if you need help on a project without taking a full class or if you have an advanced project that exceeds the scope of our classroom work.  We will give you our undivided attention and cater to your specific needs.

By appointment only!  Call 828-707-4553 to schedule.

If you live out of town and can’t make it to a pre-requisite class, we understand and will try to help you over the phone, via email and photos, as much as possible. You will need measuring tape. It may require that you remove your own seat.  We will help you measure properly so we can get the right material for your chair.  Please read carefully for what you need to look out for in advance if we cannot inspect your chair before class.

WAIVER required for two important reasons.

  1. We are working with tools and materials that may cut you (such as an awl or blade), even the cane can knick your sensitive fingers and cause a small “paper cut.”  Complete focus and awareness at all times will make it less likely that you get injured. We have band-aids and a first aid kit.
  2. Chair caning is not easy on your body…your hands and your back may be sore, so take it easy when you do your homework. Do the stretches you learn in class but listen to your body and do not proceed if you are in pain.

All classes include pats on the back, encouragement, humor, patience, music suited to your desires, and good times in the River Arts District.  Jack Dog has offered belly rubs at no charge.

Food and bathrooms:  Bathrooms are clean and on-site.  Bring your own lunch or snacks and store it in our refrigerator, or purchase from local River Arts District Restaurants.  We have a water cooler and glasses. We will provide a list of restaurants and coffee shops and their menus for you before class upon request.

We will provide a list of where to buy caning supplies and tools for home use and future projects.  Check out of our tools requires a cash deposit or credit card number and signed permission that we can charge that number if you lose or break our tools!

All pricing for classes includes materials. If you have your own cane/rush/reed, and it has passed our inspection, we will discount your class cost in the amount of your materials.  Please save the receipt.  Please note that the cost of materials is negligible compared to the time and effort involved in caning.  With individual tutorials, you provide your own materials and tools for home use.

Discount and scholarships: We will give a $25 discount on each class that you take after the first one.  If you have financial need and are willing to work for us for trade of class cost, we will consider based on each situation.

Classes require a 5o% deposit in advance to hold your space. You will get a full refund if we have 48 hours notice before cancellation.  24 hours notice of cancellation results in a 50% of deposit returned (exclusions may be considered based on situation).  No show/no reschedule…full deposit kept.  Rescheduling for classes allowed at $25/class in some circumstances...

Laced cane demo at the Folk Art Center

With sincere gratitude for your time and your interest in my craft,

Brandy Clements

PS…if you want to see a little bit about laced cane, please watch this video courtesy of April from the Southern Highland Craft Guild. (THANKS APRIL!)